Has spatial computing failed?

May 30, 2024
By Tamir Berliner

My answer dramatically changed in the past few days.

I’ve been asked about this so many times in the past few weeks, by industry veterans, investors and reporters alike. Is it the right time? Is the technology there yet? Is it just a fantasy?

Well, my answer has dramatically changed and let me share why.

Spatial computing is so promising that any demo of a technology in the domain immediately blows the mind of whoever sees it. This was true for the DK1, and it remained true throughout Magic Leap, with Vision Pro showcasing even further future.

Yet, my answer changes today. For the first time ever there’s a reason to use spatial computing that springs from an everyday need. That answer is productivity, and the product is Spacetop G1.

I’m extremely proud to present the fruition of years of work, global collaboration during pandemic, war, infinite flights, multi-cultures. The language Spacetop speaks is global and knows no bounds.

You know that feeling you get when you’re extremely late to a virtual meeting, but then you  need to alt-tab your way to the right window and the right tab? Well…if Ladd Martin hadn’t reminded me, I would have completely forgotten about that!

Spatial computers are going to change everything from the ground up. Suddenly my calendar is always there, always at the same place, ready for me to jump into the action no matter what I’m working on, or have been working on. It’s positioned in my space, no searching needed, as if it’s been hung on my wall.

This is just one moment of many, for me, realizing that spatial computers are already here, and they can be for you, too. There are so many more moments to share, it would take more than a post to cover (let me know if you would like to hear more!)

I’m happy to introduce you, Spacetop! 

I’ve got goosebumps, can’t type more :)